These are stories that bring me joy and make everything I do the reason I do it. Music should ultimately be about JOY first, and a love of playing music should last a lifetime.

I taught two siblings starting at the age of 5 and 7. They came from extremely musical families and were both incredible human beings and students. Sarah continued until Grade 12, and Ethan decided to quit when he reached High School at Grade 10. They both went on to higher education in different fields. Mom, however, couldn’t wait to tell me that they have both independently bought their own keyboards now and she was so thrilled and proud at how much they continue to play, and spoke of the joy that it brings to them, and to her.

Oliver, an only child, was shy but loved music. I taught him from age 7-15. He loved all different types of music but particularly music with driving rhythms in blues, jazz and some pop songs. We arranged a trio one year when he played piano with a singer and a guitar player and rocked the song “Paradise” by Coldplay. His mom sent me an email recently saying “Have you seen the movie about Nina Simone’s Life on Netflix? Oliver says we need to watch that. Can you believe that, my Oliver says we need to watch a movie about a famous jazz singer”. She was also very excited to report that he continues to play the piano and now guitar as he works his way through his University program.