Do You Often Think “I Wish I Could Play The Piano”?

Well You Can. Kool Keyboards Method Of Learning Makes It Feel Easy And Fun.

We Help You Achieve Your Reason For Wanting To Play.


Do You Want To turn your first note into:

  • Fulfilling Your Dream of always wanting to play
  • Learning to read music and chord charts
  • Playing with Both Hands
  • Stimulating your Mind
  • Improvising
  • Getting in Touch with your Creative Side
  • Playing the music you’ve always wanted to play
  • Learning your future spouses favourite song to play at your wedding
  • Understanding how music actually works
  • Daily Enjoyment and Desire of wanting to play
  • Being able to play 5 Christmas Songs that everyone can sing along to
  • Playing Happy Birthday for your spouse’s birthday
  • Entertaining folks with 5 Songs at your parent’s Retirement home or home party
  • Learning a favourite song and playing it for your spouse on your anniversary
  • Meeting new like-minded friends
  • Feeling happier and less stressed
  • Learning to play in front of others IF YOU WANT TO
  • Playing with Others in a very joyful manner
  • Need to use the lesson time to practice for any reason, and just ask questions

Here’s How to Get Started:

  • Fill out our Contact Us Page.
  • If you’d like to Schedule a Phone Consult or a Trial Lesson we can easily arrange that.
  • Once you’re ready to register, and if we’re a good fit, choose from our selection of times to find one that fits with your schedule.